All very Universal Works we think, all with a subtle set of three stripes making a collaboration we are proud of and designed with a real love of running and the joy of good looking kit post-run too.


We wanted to work mostly with knitted items for style, comfort, performance and feel. One of the core fabrics is knitted from a technical polyester yarn adidas have developed for their running kit, and an unusual choice for our shorts and gilet but the super comfortable kit for that long Saturday run, or just hanging out in the living room with the kids and the TV!


The long sleeve t-shirt is wool and recycled polyester blend to be soft next to the skin, warm enough for a winter run but the wool helps to keep the odours at bay as well as better regulating heat in all conditions.


Basing the run jacket on our Fistral Jacket, in a super soft and lightweight water-resistant adidas tech fabric, making a piece perfect for both the morning run or the morning commute, a jacket suitable for sports or social wear.


We added some essential accessories of winter-run tights, a super comfortable waist pack for those needing keys and phone and of course no UW kit could be complete without a HAT! Our favourite running accessory of a  trucker hat to keep the sun (or rain)  off the face, the sweat out of the eyes and the wearer looking like the coolest runner this side of Forest Gump!

adidas x Universal

Works Ultraboost 19

in Ecru Primekint


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